Monday, February 12, 2007

HIJ - Healthcare Technologies in Practice: 1 March 2007; Vol.

The latest edition of Health Informatics Journal is a special on: Healthcare Technologies in Practice: 1 March 2007; Vol. 13, No. 1

It contains some interesting papers.


Introduction to Healthcare Technologies in Practice
Jon Hindmarsh, K. Neil Jenkings, and Tim Rapley

Monitoring practice and alarm technology in anaesthesiology
Marcus Sanchez Svensson

Sound sight: seeing with ultrasound
Monika Buscher and Gloria Jensen

`You've got to take them seriously': meeting information needs in mental healthcare
Karen Clarke, John Rooksby, and Mark Rouncefield

Managing integration work in an NHS electronic patient record (EPR) project
David Martin, John Mariani, and Mark Rouncefield

Implementation, change management and benefit realization: investigating the utility of ethnographically enriched process maps
K. Neil Jenkings

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