Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cuba congress - OHSU and education

The main afternoon session on Thursday was a round table lead by Dr William Hersh, from the Dept. of Medical Informatics and Clinical Epidemiology at Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU –, USA, with several of his colleagues addressing issues from their experiences in health informatics education. He pointed out that there is a major interest in OHSU on global health research and education.

Steven Bedrick, PhD student at OHSU spoke about their educational programmes. Steven began with an introduction to Portland, pointing out that three major things it is known for are music, free software and craft brewing. The OHSU informatics training programme began in 1992, and reflects many aspects of health informatics, with much use of distance education (relying on Blackboard, which Steve describes as 'sort of like Moodle').

Nancy Carney talked about their research into clinical epidemiology and methods for teaching clinical guidelines. Misha Pavel discussed their work on technology for aging, based in predicted shifts in the increasing numbers of older people and decreasing proportions of younger people to support them (economically and in other manners). The situation in Cuba by 2020 is expected to be even worse than in many other countries. Holly Jimison focused on home monitoring and health coaching technologies.

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