Thursday, February 15, 2007

Cuba congress - IMIA, blogs et al

We start today (Thursday) with reports from yesterday, as I was too tired last night after a full day to try and post anything. Yesterday did not start over-well - we arrived early to hear Richard Stallman (as did many other people), only to find that her had been moved to an afternoon slot, ie the same time I was speaking. However, I hope one of our colleagues will provide a report.

My first presentation of the day was about IMIA, its Working Groups and Nursing Special Interest Group, and its Strategic Plan. I included materials and comments sent by Nancy Lorenzi, IMIA President, which were well-received and appreciated. The session was focused on how Cubans in particular, and people in any other country, can become more involved in IMIA's WG/SIG and wide range of other activities. Some interesting issues were raised in discussion, including how IMIA might faciliate links between individual researchers and research groups, how IMIA and health informatics organisations interact with bio-informatics.

My second talk was part of a 'round table' series of presentations on Web 2.0 issues. I focused on the work colleagues and I have been undertaking in blogging health informatics events ( - other presenters talked about the development of 'Infomed 2.0' ( - Otto Martin), digital identity management, and the development of the Brazilian 'Virtual Health Library' (Abel Packer).

For those whose Spanish is better than mine, there are some reports and news items about the event on the Infomed ( and conference ( websites.

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