Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cuba congress - education

The second part of Tuesday afternoon was a round-table devoted to various aspects of health informatics and education. It began with a presentation by Graham Wright titled 'Exploring the knowledge base for health informatics: the Otley duckfest and beyond'. He briefly discussed the background to the project, from the original 'Education Steps' project at Otley in early 2005, including the origin of the research methods used and the rationale for using Bloom's taxonomy for focusing on the cognitive, rather than psychomotor, aspects of health informatics.

He described the process of participants identifying the elements of health informatics and then grouping them, by use of post-it notes for smaller elements and tables for the larger themes, so that people could walk around and get a feel for the whole – not possible on a computer. Through a process of voting on terms and their inclusion or exclusion, a consensus was reached by the Otley participants. Graham emphasised that the process aimed to capture what subject experts thought were the main themes.

The next step of the larger project is now building on the Otley outputs, through a jointly funded project with IMIA and the British Computer Society. This project has two parts – to collect as much as possible of the electronic health informatics literature, and also to do a literature search with SCOPUS and PubMed (via Reference Manager) to see how many papers have been published under different domain names. From the literature base, author-defined keywords were extracted; this resulted in over 14,000 keywords. In parallel, desktop search engines (eg Google Desktop and Copernic) were used to index and search the literature database that has been gathered. Graham brought people up to date with a short description of the pilot workshop recently held in London to examine the outputs of the keyword/literature analysis, and also introduced the opportunity for others to become involved in further stages of the project, which is expected to include a consensus conference.

Following Graham, a number of Cuban colleagues presented papers on their development work in the production of educational materials in medicine, health sciences and health informatics.

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