Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Cuba congress and IMIA-LAC

The Tuesday afternoon session began with a presentation by Dr Alvaro Margolis, from Uraguay, in his role as President of IMIA-LAC, the Latin-America and Caribbean region of IMIA ( IMIA-LAC was established in 1983, with representatives from Argentina, Brazil, Cuba (the Cuban Society for Medical Informatics, founded in 1970) and Mexico. He outlined the strategic objectives of IMIA-LAC for 2006-09, which include strengthening the network of societies in the region, through both the national societies and through universities and other institutions. He talked of the need to try and encourage the development of health informatics societies in the various countries that do not have one. Other objectives include identifying specific areas (and related groups) where health informatics might be developed or promoted, including developing clinical information systems and the development of health informatics education. He talked of several examples of projects in the region, including the Virtual Campus in Buenos Aires (, which is implemented in Moodle.

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