Monday, November 13, 2006

AMIA2006 - Web 2.0 session

Margaret Maag, Peter Murray and Ray Schroeder presented a panal on 'Weaving a dynamic web: Web 2.0 applications in education, social networking and virtual conferencing'. The session was very well-attended, with over 120 people. Due to problems with the coverage of the wireless network not reaching into the depths of the room we were in, we were not able to blog the session live, as I had hoped. However, Margaret recorded the session which will be converted to a podcast and uploaded to her website - we will add the location here later.

Ray gegan the session with an overview of Web 2.0 and AJAX, and said a little about blogs. Peter discussed our use of blogs for conferences, and Margaret talked about her use iof podcasts with her students. A wide-raning discussion followed, with some interesting observations from the audience, and examples provided of individuals' use of collaborative document development and other Web 2.0 applications. Issues raised included the use of blogs and wikis in clinical environments.

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  • This was a very informative session. The fact that a conference on information technology did not have universal wireless access throughout the facility was very revealing of the state of US informatics.

    I wish I had time to say more - will try to return and do so soon. The talks and discussion were thought-provoking and gave me a number of new insights. I had to run off immediately after the session, and didn't get a chance to thank the speakers for putting this together.

    By Blogger Hunscher, at 10:05 pm  

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