Sunday, November 12, 2006

AMIA2006 - the opening

The AMIA2006 conference ( has now started in earnest. After the 'phoney war' of meetings, tutorials, etc., the opening at lunchtime today (Sunday) featured the announcement of several AMIA awards, before the opening keynote given by Robert H. Brook of RAND Health. AMIA2006 seems to have about 1900 attendees, including a lot of students and others from Vanderbilt University. The award winners announced included Suzanne Bakken (Virginia Saba Informatics Award), and Ted Shortliffe (Morris Collen Award of Excellence).

I chaired two sessions yesterday, which were reasonably successful. We had a meeting of IMIA's Academic Members, which included a presentation on the Goettingen biomedical informati s curriculum, and discussion of the IMIA guidelines on health and medical informatics curricula. Plans are that the Academic members and Education WG will collaborate on updating the IMIA guidelines. The late evening workshop looking at international collaboration among WGs of various organisations attracted a small but select audience; but holding the workshop was useful, and gave the opportunity for people to express interest in IMIA involvement.

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