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SINCERE is a new EU funded project in the field of e-health, which aims to involve SMEs in the e-health sector by providing them with knowledge, networking and sharing knowledge with other players, future roadmaps and innovation strategies.

SINCERE operates in Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Latvia, Norway and Turkey. The countries have reached different levels of development in the e-health area, which will contribute to achieve synergy effects.

The strategic objectives addressed by SINCERE are:
· Boosting current innovation potential in the e-Health sector,
· Evaluating and collecting best practices from among manufacturers,
· Increasing the participation of SMEs in FP opportunities through their participation in e.g. IPs, Craft, STREP, (through training SMEs in FP7 schemes and helping them to draft their proposals),
· Increasing the opportunities of Technology Transfer for SMEs, with the creation of discussion forums where they can exchange experience and know-how,
· Networking with players at European level,
· Providing a European e-Health platform for SMEs in establishing partnerships,
· Clustering and networking,
· Strengthening the resolve of SMEs to grow through international cooperation and RTD.

The project looks as if it has some interesting potential. If you'd like to find out more contact Hicham Abghay, (Tel.: +49 711 123 40 22; email:

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