Monday, October 02, 2006

Health Informatics Now : BCS

Health Informatics Now : BCS

The first issue of this new journal from the British Computer Society Health Informatics Forum has recently been made available on the web.

The contents include:


*Words from the Health Informatics Forum chair
*Share your stories at HC2007
*Beware of switching onto automatic pilot
*Got views? Make yourself heard
*An umbrella to cover professional standards
*Conference report: ProfIT
*Health informatics events

Association for Informatics Professionals in Health and Social Care (ASSIST)

*UHBNFT shares NPfIT lessons
*Data information knowledge chain

Interactive Care Specialist Group
Group unites interactive care specialists

London & South East Specialist Group

*News from the London and South East Specialist Group
*London maps out its implementation route
*Digital tagging improves patient safety

Nursing Specialist Group

*Words from the chair
*Conference report: NI2006: Technology as a driver for change
*Report generates a mainly positive reaction
*Online encyclopaedia is in need of redrafting

Northern Specialist Group
Modelling should predict new systems' behaviour

Scottish Specialist Group
Argyll and Clyde receives online cancer information

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