Thursday, October 19, 2006

Main Page - Nhs It Info

Main Page - Nhs It Info

This site (set up as a wiki but without public editing rights) has been created by the 23 academics who wrote to Parliament outlining their concerns about the progress of the National Programme for IT, under the banner of NHS 23.

It provides a access to a range of documents relating to the NHS NPfIT. These range from the original and subsequent letters addressed to the House of Commons Health Select Committee to media items and documents detailing supplier issues.

The site does provide some useful insights and promises to offer more - but it might be worthwhile enabling some degree of public editing rights. Although I'm sure there would be some vandalism - the potential benefit of mobilising "group think" or a "community of practice" would outweigh the risks.

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Friday, October 13, 2006



SINCERE is a new EU funded project in the field of e-health, which aims to involve SMEs in the e-health sector by providing them with knowledge, networking and sharing knowledge with other players, future roadmaps and innovation strategies.

SINCERE operates in Sweden, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Latvia, Norway and Turkey. The countries have reached different levels of development in the e-health area, which will contribute to achieve synergy effects.

The strategic objectives addressed by SINCERE are:
· Boosting current innovation potential in the e-Health sector,
· Evaluating and collecting best practices from among manufacturers,
· Increasing the participation of SMEs in FP opportunities through their participation in e.g. IPs, Craft, STREP, (through training SMEs in FP7 schemes and helping them to draft their proposals),
· Increasing the opportunities of Technology Transfer for SMEs, with the creation of discussion forums where they can exchange experience and know-how,
· Networking with players at European level,
· Providing a European e-Health platform for SMEs in establishing partnerships,
· Clustering and networking,
· Strengthening the resolve of SMEs to grow through international cooperation and RTD.

The project looks as if it has some interesting potential. If you'd like to find out more contact Hicham Abghay, (Tel.: +49 711 123 40 22; email:

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006


A joint conference organized by the British Computer Society Health Informatics Scotlandand Nursing specialist groups

Glasgow Caledonian University - Health Building A526

Friday, 24 November, 2006 10am-4pm

This multidisciplinary conference is intended to provide information and networking opportunities for anyone involved in or interested in the eHealth agenda, ie, everyone.

*Clinical Engagement
*Knowledge Management

Keynote speakers include

*Janette Bennet Senior Clinical Advisor, BT Health Executive,
*Professor Frances Mair, Glasgow University and President of the Royal Society of Medicine’s Telemedicine and E-health
*Ann Wales, NES Programme Manager for Knowledge Management.

Cost £50 per person.

For further information visit our updated (soon) website: or, register interest at

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Health Informatics Now : BCS

Health Informatics Now : BCS

The first issue of this new journal from the British Computer Society Health Informatics Forum has recently been made available on the web.

The contents include:


*Words from the Health Informatics Forum chair
*Share your stories at HC2007
*Beware of switching onto automatic pilot
*Got views? Make yourself heard
*An umbrella to cover professional standards
*Conference report: ProfIT
*Health informatics events

Association for Informatics Professionals in Health and Social Care (ASSIST)

*UHBNFT shares NPfIT lessons
*Data information knowledge chain

Interactive Care Specialist Group
Group unites interactive care specialists

London & South East Specialist Group

*News from the London and South East Specialist Group
*London maps out its implementation route
*Digital tagging improves patient safety

Nursing Specialist Group

*Words from the chair
*Conference report: NI2006: Technology as a driver for change
*Report generates a mainly positive reaction
*Online encyclopaedia is in need of redrafting

Northern Specialist Group
Modelling should predict new systems' behaviour

Scottish Specialist Group
Argyll and Clyde receives online cancer information

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