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Which CMS is Fit as Medical CMS?

alot of free Open source CMS (Content Management System) all over the web but which one is could use for medical resources?

that`s Q. some one email me to post about the answer..

The Effective CMS features :

  • Good Plugin and addons support
  • Web 2.0 Features
  • Easy Multimedia Integration
  • Rss Notification
  • gallery Integration support
  • easy Integration with other scripts as forums , blogs
  • Search Friendly
  • Themes made easy and good themes support
  • Good User System.
  • easy friendly Control Panel
  • Email Notifications
  • Good Security and bugs tracking support
  • Multi Lingual support

Just simple answer That`s depends on the wanna this CMS to hold .

-for Medical portal Included Medical Community :You should Use Compatible system .. to save time The CMS should contain Forums , News system ...articles system

Some sites make The forums alone .... make the user confused 2 User systems included one for the CMS and the other for the forums ...

so what CMS could use as Medical Portal ?

  • Mambo .. easy CMS and Quality Themes and Plugins support Including forums ,News and articles ...RSS support
  • Joomla .. coming from the Mambo easy and Powerful support for themes , plugins and Security enhanced . RSS support
  • Php-Fusion .. Including Forums , Links manager , Categorized news , articles and Download section.... and Photo gallery as well .. easy Control Panal and Good Plugin support alot of themes available. RSS Plugin
  • e107.. Simple to use with Powerful support with Powerful Control Panal .RSS support
  • Xoops simple and easy to use .. good plugins and themes support . RSS support

-News system :News system Features

  • News Categorization
  • News Archive - Or Advanced Archive system ...Weekly , Monthly or by Category
  • Calender
  • RSS notification
  • Search Friendly
  • Simple and easy to Navigate
  • Multimedia Support to add Multimedia News or Podcasts / Vodcasts .
  • News Via Email ..
  • good Themes and plugins support.

you can Use simple blog ... regarding you may add media in It so look for good plugins support ... The blog Interface ? if you using the Wordpress it`s easy to customize the blog look to anything you want.

News systems :

  • Wordpress ..Categorized Posts system .. Plenty of Themes and Plugins support
    ....Multimedia support ... RSS feed... Interactive Posts system (Comments) .. Archive support and advanced Archive Plugins .... Gallery support with easy Integration to other CMS and forums ..... Podcasts Support .. search Friendly and Permalinks Options
  • sNews .. new on board simple and easy ... Categorized News system... Comments system .... Template made easy....Search Friendly ..Local Search engine ....RSS feed Simple archive system
  • Limbo.. Mambo like lite CMS .. easy to use and Supper themes support and Plugins support... categorized news ... News Voting system .... RSS support... good user system ....

- Educational Systems & eLearning Web Solutions:

What If you are looking for elearning Web Based Solution for medical Use? What are the features should be in the eLearning system?

  • Interactivity : here The interactivity should be more advanced Plus the comments systems ... adding Chat ....
  • Powerful Notification .. Email .. RSS ...
  • Advanced Calender and Archive system
  • Multimedia Support adding - Flash Support
  • Multimedia Library and Archiving
  • Plugins and themes Support
  • Powerful examing And Testing system..
  • Easy Navigation
  • Powerful Control panal
  • Advanced User system - Multi Level Support
  • Tutorials and classes Plans ..
  • Agenda and News support
  • Learners Administration
  • Courses , Sessions & tutorials Administration
  • Surveys
  • Reporting Support
  • Learners Profiles
  • Easily Presentation integration (Powerpoint , Flash , Openoffice Presention )
  • Simple DMS (Document management System ) for Resources (*.doc , Pdf , Swf , Exe , Videos , Audio)
  • Player for Multimedia and Document files
  • Advanced Export System Artciles , News , Tutorials as PDF files ... Courses , Schedule as CVS or XLS files

so what`s the free web based eLearning Solutions could used?

-DMS (Document Management System)

There is Huge lake of Medical online Free Documents :( i remember at The first year at the medical school ... it was so hard to find Presentations , Documents etc.. but now there is many DMS available but almost no Medical uses yet :(

Note :

  • Filebrowser from Lussumo .. It`s no DMS ... it`s just Powerful PHP script to browse the files and the folders ... and Preview some types of files like SWF - Why i did list it here ? to exclude the difference ( ) The DMS and The simple scripts.

Features of Good DMS :

  • Multi User support
  • Multi Level Users support
  • File and Folder Manager
  • Searchable
  • Player for Multimedia files (Mov . Audio . SWF..etc )
  • Document Files Viewer (PDF . Doc . XLS . CVS..etc)
  • Image Viewer
  • Easy and Advanced File Navigation (by type , date , category , user , activity)
  • Log Viewer and Export
  • Security Enchaced
  • FTP file Uploading Support
  • Multimedia Info Reading as MOV , MP3
  • RSS feed
  • Easy Control Panal
  • Advacned File Archive
  • News system
  • Bulk Operation

here i`ll list some of DMS open source and easy to use ..

Dr.Hamza Emadeen Mousa - author - Stuff

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