Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Web 2.0 at BCS Bristol

This evening I attended a meeting of the BCS Bristol branch at which Mike Farrow gave an interesting talk of the development, and possible future direction of Web 2.0.

He used several examples, often involving Amazon, of how getting user involvement in writing content, reviews etc can enhance the usefulness of a web site, and improve its commercial potential.

He also talked about blogs, wikis, tagging and RSS feeds as examples of existing technologies and about REST and AJAX (which i need to find out more about) as emerging technologies, which may influence the future moves towards the true semantic web.

The presentation and question and answer session had more emphasis on business models and company profits than I felt comfortable with - but it may have been right for the audience.

One useful tidbit which i picked up over coffee was about the forthcoming Internet Explorer Version 7 including it's RSS reader, for release around Christmas, which will move towards the standards based approach of FireFox and others - but will mean that web sites built around previous IE extensions may not be visible to those using the new version of IE. (For further discussion on compatibility issues etc see Microsoft and Internet Explorer vs. web standards and others.)

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