Thursday, September 07, 2006

Final Plenary

The final plenary was by Stephen Heppell (see who has a long history in the field and gave an amusing view of the past present and future.

He compared policy and institutions & what students will be demanding in a future global digital world. The implications for British education was made explicit.

"Content may not be king but community may be sovereign."

He identified some key issues for universities & described projects like & pointed out the trends.

Workplace learning was a key issue in which communities could support each other. Scholarship changing to learning from others rather than traditional paper based resources - teaching moving to an all doctoral profession and every school is a research institution.

One project was about giving away free global exams for all to demonstrate they can create, critique, collaborate & communicate each individual producing a unique product. was given as an example of how excluded children children can achieve.

A very positive and exciting closing plenary.

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