Tuesday, September 05, 2006

elearners perspectives

Three short papers with similar themes and aims examined elearning from the users perspective, but were funded by JISC and should be available on their web site.. The first two by Kathryn Trinder et al & Grainne Conole et al used different methods & different populations of students but both found that successful elearning students have strategies to fit their learning in with the rest of their lives & use technology to network. The networking was generally by text & instant messaging rather than email or other systems provided by the educational institution. The Conole et al study found that VLEs were taken for granted & criticised for inconsistency amongst staff. The ideas about elearning also varied by discipline when computer science, medicine, languages and economics students were compared.

The third paper, by Perry Williams, was slightly different in presenting a discourse analysis approach and focusing on agency and social structures ratyher than the technology or interface.

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