Tuesday, August 08, 2006

ToC: He@lth Information on the Internet (52:1)

IngentaConnect Table Of Contents: He@lth Information on the Internet

While I was on holiday the latest (August 2006) editition of He@lth Information on the Internet has been made available. It includes:

TI: Editorial: I pod, you pod, we all pod
AU: Childs, Sue

TI: Bookmarks: Diabetes
AU: Blenkinsopp, John

TI: View from the front line: Basic IT skills for the health professional
AU: Brown, Harry

TI: A review of the Scopus database
AU: Burnham, Judy F.

TI: Launch of the new look and feel for the National Library for Health Specialist Libraries
AU: Hadley, Sharon; Tucker, Laura

TI: Making practice-based learning work
AU: Turnock, Chris

TI: Intute: Health and Life Sciences your new BIOME
AU: Abbott, Robert

TI: What's new?
AU: Williamson, Laurian

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