Monday, August 14, 2006

Health Informatics Journal -(September 1 2006, 12 [3])

Health Informatics Journal -- Table of Contents (September 1 2006, 12 [3])

The latest edition of Health Informatics Journal (12:3)

Impact of workflow-integrated corollary orders on aminoglycoside monitoring in children
Patricia A. Abboud, Rose Ancheta, Michael McKibben, and Brian R. Jacobs

Clinical, information and business process modeling to promote development of safe and flexible software
Siaw-Teng Liaw, Elizabeth Deveny, Iain Morrison, and Bryn Lewis

Using neural networks and just nine patient-reportable factors of screen for AMI
A. M. Bulgiba and M. H. Fisher

Population access to hospital emergency departments and the impacts of health reform in New Zealand
Lars Brabyn and Paul Beere

When computers should remain computers: a qualitative look at the humanization of health care technology
Ramesh Farzanfar

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