Friday, June 02, 2006

Wikipedia developments

I have watched developments with Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia which anyone can edit, with interest since I edited my first page there in October 2004.

The willingness of individuals to devote time and effort to creating and editing articles means there are now over a million pages and quality mechanisms are also improving. Amongst my edits (see my user page) have been bits on Health Informatics, IMIA, NPfIT etc & now I've got involved with a Wiki Project aiming to improve the quality of articles about the NHS, and I would ask readers who might have something to add about a speciality, hospital, organisation etc to get involved and contribute.

A research study examining the use of the Semantic Web with Wikipedia was also pointed out to me last week at the WWW2006 conference. It will be interesting to see, with the current rate of change, how long before this sort of approach is implemented.

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