Tuesday, June 27, 2006

what vaccines are all about?? Dr Hilleman - MMR

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some noble and honorable people didn`t get what they want..... as enemy of child infections....

Dr Hilleman wanted the vaccines to be delivered to maximize the chances that more children would receive them.

Dr Adel Mahmoud, President of Merck Vaccines, recalled how this affected Dr Hilleman :-

"It saddened him to see that knowledge was twisted in such a way to play in the hands of the anti-vaccine movement and not really appreciate what vaccines are all about.

"They are about protection of individual, but also protection of the society so you achieve 'herd immunity'.

"Maurice believed in that and it really pained him a lot to see what was happening in the UK."

BBC story :- [link]

Kevin, MD story [link]

Thanx Dr Hilleman


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