Saturday, June 24, 2006

Stolen DB of Kidney Transplant Program Records !!

by Catherine Calacanis at i read about that matter , it`s not about security matter but who made this and why? and what he or "them" will or can get?
  • Who are they? .. do they work for some sort of company? or alone just need some security Data from it? could be useful in blackmaling - getting info about donors?
  • thought of turning it to some sort of trade
  • nearly to 10,000 patients!! ..what`s the position the patients?what`s Guarantee they can get later?
  • is that matter will slow down the program? or there is BackUp data?
  • Dealing with those thieves how should be? as Local crime or International Crime? or Just Data stolen crime as usuall?
  • if those data using for Medical Trade ! how the doctors involved in should be treated?
  • it`s not just up to the security , also up to the laws.and way to treat thas type of health crimes
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