Monday, June 26, 2006

PAC quiz CfH

HoC Committee of Public Accounts - The national programme for IT in the NHS

Today the House of Commons Public Accounts Committee quizzed senior staff from NHS Connecting for Health in connection with the National Audit Office report which was published recently.

Witnesses included; Sir Ian Carruthers OBE, Acting Chief Executive, Mr Richard Granger, Director General of IT, NHS, and Mr Richard Jeavons, Director of IT Service Implementation, Department of Health, Dr Anthony Nowlan, Professor Peter Hutton, Muir Gray, Gillian Braunold, Mark Davis etc.

The chair suggested that central imposition on a complex and diverse NHS might be a risky path! and questioned the delays in publication. Other questions related to confidentiality and security and the lack of clinical involvement v "dictat from above". There seemed to be major disagreements between Peter Hutton and Richard Granger.

I've not managed to watch all 2 hours plus but you can watch it (possibly only for this week) by following the link to
HoC Committee of Public Accounts - The national programme for IT in the NHS
Monday 4.30 pm and click watch from start.

questioning included comments about delays in delivery, clinical involvement, budgets etc and some comments from the press recently and worries that the National Audit Office report had not been as hard hitting as it should have been. Because a lot of committee members were present and they were restricted in the time available with some answer being promised in future notes.

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