Friday, June 23, 2006

Medical informatics – health informatics – Definitions – thought – terminology

Seeking the web about medical informatics and health informatics in separte search process I get different results, so what's the difference?


Health Informatics is ... the use of computer technologies in healthcare to store, share, transmit and analyze clinical knowledge and data.


Medical Informatics is :- scientific field that deals with biomedical information, data, and knowledge - their storage, retrieval, and optimal use for problem solving and decision making. It accordingly touches on all basic and applied fields in biomedical science and is closely tied to modern information technologies, notably in the areas of computing and communication (medical computer science).

My thoughts :-

  • Medical Informatics is part of Health Informatics
  • Health informatics in the broad name deals with info .. for many users levels like Patients , ordinary people , Medical related and of course doctors , it`s about how to deal with the health and medical info , using IT and that's means .. Communication – Info Transferring –
  • Is that few stuff need special care , of course .. many of medical sites still got old information with no updates , many of them not that updatable ..and no indexing for article .."categorized or tagged" and no simple basics of medical archiving …"solution is blogs like systems"
  • Medical informatics as medical computer science will include " Desktop applications – Pocket ,PDA, Palm & mobile applications – Web Applications" of course Freeware , Shareware .. using same IT licenses as any software.
  • This basic categorization of IT categories dose not include the medical ones like ? –image analysis tools –DB applications like medical recording system or Billing systems– Medical calculators – Medical Statistical systems – etc.
  • Most important features should included in those kind of software –Simplicity , Easy navigation , support and easy interface …that`s features you could name it Time saver …(simplicity here dosn`t mean weakness of the system look at
  • After time saver features what about the scientific aims? Lets take an example of Medical billing systems .. those kind of DB applications could use to get Medical statistical info could be useful for Researches , companies ..and Geov.

That`s just some of my thoughts … i`ll add some later about open sources systems and scientific value soon


Some terms :-

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