Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Medical Informatics and the Internet in Medicine

IngentaConnect Table Of Contents: Medical Informatics and the Internet in Medicine

The latest edition 31:2 (June 2006) of Medical Informatics and the Internet in Medicine has just been made available online. The table of contents includes:

TI: Mobile healthcare informatics
AU: Siau, Keng; Shen, Zixing

TI: A semantically enabled formalism for the knowledge management of Parkinson's disease
AU: Paul, S.; Kokossis, A.; Gage, H.; Storey, L.; Lawrenson, R.; Trend, P.; Walmsley, K.; Morrison, S.; Kaye, J.; Gradwell, E.; Baker, M.

TI: Development of a spreadsheet for the calculation of new tools to improve the reporting of the resultsof medical research
AU: Shakespeare, Thomas; Gebski, Val; Thiagarajan, Anuradha; Jay Lu, Jiade

TI: Radiological clinical telesession: A cooperative working environment for sharing clinical experienceover the Internet
AU: Vega, J.; Rubio, V.; Espigado, P.; Asensio, J.; Vinao, M.; Esteban, E.; Gonzalez-Carpio, R.

TI: A web management service applied to a comprehensive characterization of Visible Human Dataset colour images
AU: Menegoni, Francesco; Pinciroli, Francesco

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