Wednesday, May 31, 2006

RCN: Online Survey: NHS IT

RCN: Online Survey

For the past three years, the RCN has carried out a survey to find out more about levels of awareness, knowledge and engagement with national IT programmes across the UK. This year’s survey asks in particular what you think the effect of the electronic patient health care record will have on patient care and on your nursing practice, and whether the several billion pounds spent on the Government’s IT programme is a good or poor use of NHS resources.

We need as many nurses as possible to tell us what impact the changes to NHS IT have had upon them so we can deliver a campaign which will get nursing needs addressed, get nurses more engaged and make sure that the right technology is implemented, in the right way, for the benefit of patient care.

Please get involved and encourage your colleagues to fill in a survey by 23 June to ensure the RCN is fully informed. The survey can be found at

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