Thursday, May 04, 2006

The Information Centre: Information Catalogue

The Information Centre: Information Catalogue

This new resource has been launched by the Information Centre for Health and Social Care and aims to enable access to national level statistical information.

The first phase of the website provides details of current and proposed collections from Health and Social Care providers and now holds more than 600 entries. These include collections by the Department of Health, Arms Length Bodies, NHS Regulators such as the HealthCare commission and the Social Care Commission, other Government Departments and others.

The catalogue is managed through the Review of Central Returns, is intended to aid the streamlining of data collection by sharing information and reducing the unnecessary duplication of what is collected.

This sounds as if it will develop into a useful resource, however the records currently available seem a little limited - I tried several searches without getting any results, although, not surprisingly given the pre-occupation with targets in this area, the term "waiting times" got several hits.

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