Friday, April 07, 2006

Visit the EFMI Special Topic Conference 2006 and RomedInf

The European Federation of Medical Informatics(EFMI) and Romedinf Special Topic Conference has the title Integrating Biomedical Information:"from e-cell to e-patient". The event takes place now (from April 6-8th 2006 in Timisoara in Romania. Before the confrence started the EFMI Council meeting and the meeting of the MIE 2006 Scientific Program Committee were held.
An unofficial Blog of the event is available from here.
The organizers also provide live streaming of presentations from this link.
Mainly the participants come from Romania, but there are also quite a few from the western part of Europe. The objective of the Blog is to try to describe some of the events and issues discussed during this very interesting conference that a lot of people does not have th possibility to attend.

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