Tuesday, April 04, 2006

He@lth Information on the Internet No 50 April 2006

IngentaConnect Table Of Contents: He@lth Information on the Internet

The latest edition of He@lth Information on the Internet (No 50 April 2006) has just been made available.

The table of contents includes:

TI: Editorial: Update on HIOTI
AU: Childs, Sue

TI: Health statistics
AU: Blenkinsopp, John

TI: View from the front line: Digital cameras and imaging
AU: Brown, Harry

TI: Food allergy: more fiction on the Web?
AU: Astley, Sian B.

TI: Health Libraries Week 2005 Evaluation using an online survey tool
AU: Hadley, Sharon

TI: Current literature
AU: Anagnostelis, Betsy

TI: Innovations on Patient UK
AU: Kenny, Tim

TI: What's new?
AU: Williamson, Laurian

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