Friday, April 28, 2006

Health Informatics Journal -- Table of Contents (June 1 2006, 12 [2])

Health Informatics Journal -- Table of Contents (June 1 2006, 12 [2])

The latest issue of the Health Informatics Journal is a Special Issue on Digital Libraries

It includes:

Extending the role of a healthcare digital library environment to support orthopaedic research
Timothy Miles-Board, Leslie Carr, Gary Wills, Guillermo Power, Christopher Bailey, Wendy Hall, Matthew Stenning, and Simon Grange

Next-generation applications in healthcare digital libraries using semantic service composition and coordination
Thorsten Moller, Heiko Schuldt, Andreas Gerber, and Matthias Klusch

HDLalert - a healthcare DL alerting system: from user needs to implementation
Annika Hinze, George Buchanan, Doris Jung, and Anne Adams

Lessons learned from evaluation of the use of the National electronic Library of Infection
Gemma Madle, Patty Kostkova, Jane Mani-Saada, and Anjana Roy

Healthcare information giving services: technologies and everyday practicalities
Karen Clarke, John Rooksby, Mark Rouncefield, Rob Procter, and Roger Slack

Patient information needs: pre- and post-consultation
Simon J. Attfield, Anne Adams, and Ann Blandford

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