Tuesday, April 11, 2006

e-learning in nursing - book launch

Today I attended the launch of a new book "e-learning in nursing" from the Palgrave nurse education in practice series.

I need to declare a bias as a co author of one of the chapters, but feel the book meets an important need, in this fast developing field, for both the rationale behind current developments and some practical strategies for their implementation.


E-Learning in Nursing Education: The Context; S.Glen & H.Cox
Application of New Technologies to Nurse Education; S.Gulati
E-Communities; P.Moule
Developing E-Learning Materials; P.R.Jeffries
Facilitating Work Based Learning Online; S.Gomez & D.Lush
Facilitating Access to Online Learning; M.Gilchrist & R.Ward
Assessment and Evaluation; N.Eaton & P.Moule
E-Learning in Nursing Education: Incremental Not Revolutionary Change?; S.Glen

This book can be pre ordered from Amazon:

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