Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Blogposium has started

The 'blogposium' has started, as mentioned by Rod in an earlier post.

Blogposium is a two-day, virtual collaboration among a circle of health informatics and health IT bloggers to show the world that together, real and practical work can be achieved. To make this cross-blog cooperative experiment a success, the objective is relatively simple: to help flesh out The Clinical Informatics Wiki ( started by Dean Sittig with a dozen or more new entries, so that this wikipedia-like resource will become more useful for all.

I have started a topic trying to collate non-US and international views of clinical informatics; and have started with some material from various NHS websites. Please feel free to add to this topic - especailly if you are involved in clinical informatics.

For further information on the blogposium, see the posts on Jack Mason's 'HealthNex' blog -

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