Monday, March 27, 2006

Evidence in Practice = Clinical Effectiveness at UBHT

Evidence in Practice = Clinical Effectiveness at UBHT

I am acting as part of the extended reference group for the development of elearning materials by this project & feel they have some useful materials which will help junior doctors understand some of the aspects of Evidence Based Medicine, and have the potential to be used more widely under the "Do Once and Share" programme.

They have just started to load some of the materials into an elearning environment/Learning Management system provided by e2train which has been purchased by the Avon Gloucestershire & Wiltshire Strategic Health Authority, and I was having a look at the deployment of these materials & found I couldn't access them in my Firefox Browser - having to use Internet Explorer instead.

When I queried this as an interoperability issue I was told "we have designed the materials primarily for Internet Explorer, reasonably so because of its overall market domination, and it being the absolute standard web browser for all NHS PCs"

Perhaps this brings a new definition of EBM - as well as meaning Evidence Based Medicine, it could be taken as meaning Especially Bl**dy Microsoft.

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