Friday, March 31, 2006

electronic Journal of Health Informatics

electronic Journal of Health Informatics

The Health Informatics Research Group at Central Queensland University (CQU) has launched a new refereed eJournal of Health Informatics, fully endorsed by the Health Informatics Society of Australia and the Australian College of Health Informatics. This first publication is a special issue on Health Data Mining.

The electronic Journal of Health Informatics is an international journal committed to scholarly excellence and dedicated to the advancement of Health Informatics and information technology in healthcare. It is a journal for all health professions and informaticians of all levels.

eJHI aims to publish original, high quality papers related to Health Informatics and health informatics technology in a timely fashion.

It aims to provide health care workers with a readily accessible, electronic vehicle for sharing information about research, knowledge, experiences, perceptions and wisdom with colleagues involved in all facets of health informatics and health information technology.

Readers must register for full-text access to the journal.

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