Friday, March 31, 2006

Blogposium is a Go: April 18-19 editing Clininfowiki

HealthNex: Blogposium is a Go: April 18-19

Jack Mason on his blog HealthNex has announced that April 18-19 is the date for the first collaborative work for the health IT blogsphere.

He suggestes that:

Blogposium will be a two-day, virtual collaboration among our circle of bloggers to show the world that together, we can do real and practical work. To make this cross-blog cooperative experiment a success, we'll keep the work and the objective relatively simple:

The Objective: to help flesh out The Clinical Informatics Wiki started by Dean Sittig with a dozen or more new entries, so that this wikipedia-like resource will become more useful for all.

The Work: In the next few weeks, each participating blogger will choose a topic related to healthcare IT research it, and prepare a first draft for an entry in the ClinfoWiki. Entries should include basic definitions, links to supporting material, etc.

April 18: Bloggers will post their first drafts on and all of us, as well as all our readers, will provide comments, suggests and edits on each other's work. Everyone should include links at the bottom of their draft to the preliminary drafts of fellow Blogposium participants, so that we will pass traffic and editorial eyeballs around.

April 19: Based on community input, bloggers will post their second draft, for ultimately inclusion in the wiki.

The beauty of this approach, we hope, is that each participant can draw on their particular interests or expertise, and contribute something of practical value with only a short commitment of time and effort.

I am going to be somewhere in the North Atlantic on the dates concerned & out of contact on the dates concerned but will find a way to contribute - If you are interested in getting involved contact Jack via his blog

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