Saturday, September 29, 2001

Oh! This is an interesting group! Sent to me by Dr. Shelagh Mulvaney:

The starting page states:

  • The Center for Cell Phone Applications in Healthcare (C-PAHC) is Medical Records Institute’s platform for studying and advocating the development and adoption of cell phone technologies for use in healthcare.
  • C-PAHC is a membership-based organization that envisions the development of a wide range of healthcare applications for mobile phones, smart phones, and PDAs and explores current and developing technologies and how they will impact the healthcare industry.
  • Many related standards and much collaboration are needed, so C-PAHC will act as a clearinghouse and collaboration center in regard to cell phone technologies in healthcare.
  • The upcoming TEPR+ 2009 conference (February 1-5, Palm Springs, CA) will be the main meeting point for developers, users, vendors, carriers, and the healthcare community at large.

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